Music Interactive activities for Pre-K, Elementary and Primary Education

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It's getting late
Pitch discrimination
2 sounds

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He loves waltzes
Pitch discrimination
2 sounds

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Only one can fix it
Pitch discrimination
4 sounds

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Tennis activity
Pitch discrimination
4 sounds

tools for music teachers

Purcell and colors
Sound brushes and Purcell

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Don't you dare
Melodic direction of intervals

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Ducks to water
Same or different intervals

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Free Games: Pitch, Staff and Piano

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Indians and canoes
Notes in spaces. Treble clef

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Pentatonic race
Black piano keys. Level 2

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Where's my place now?
C Major arpeggio

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Chromatic scale

Tutorials, online quizzes and exercises for Music Schools and Conservatory Music students

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Beethoven teaches you Major Scales
Interactive tutorial

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Melodic dictation

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The perfect bride
Interval fourth. Tutorial

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Guess the rhythm
Team game
Music snake of half notes and quarter notes