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"To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also". Igor Stravinsky

At home with your computer

Ear training, music reading, rhythmic exercises, music tutorials, printable flahscards, midi piano games, downloadable applications, visual concepts, midi games
Learn Music with your child
Prepare his access to a Music School or Conservatory

In the classroom

Digital content for Music Teachers
New Music teaching resources every week!
Plan all your lessons in your Interactive Whiteboard
Preschoolers, Elementary, Primary and Secondary music students

If you want to use Smartboard at home you will only need a computer with internet connection. Any computer system will do.
pizarra interactiva y musica

During your lessons, we recommend an interactive whiteboard, IWB (any brand will do) connected to a projector and a computer with internet connection.

90% of SmartboardMusic activities are flash games. This means that our music games can be used in tables and Smartphones only with
navigators that supper flash.